Trademark Enforcement

Maintaining a robust trademark portfolio requires continuous monitoring of potential infringement and protecting trademarks against new and persistent threats. This involves monitoring for newly filed and published applications, app stores, online platforms, and other relevant marketplaces for unauthorized use, impersonation or imitation of our client’s trademarks. We work with trusted third party providers to efficiently report on threat actors. When infringements occur, we work closely with clients and stakeholders, foreign counsel, litigation counsel, administrative offices, legal authorities, and corporate entities to take appropriate enforcement actions. This might involve sending cease and desist letters, filing Letters of Protest with the USPTO, submitting take down requests pursuant to corporate IP infringement policies, pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods or filing court actions to protect our clients’ trademarks and maintain the integrity of their brands.

In addition to proactive registration and enforcement efforts, educating our clients’ internal teams and stakeholders on the importance of trademarks is vital. By conducting training sessions and creating internal guidelines, clients can foster a better understanding of trademark rights and reinforce their commitment to protecting brands within their organizations. Our trademark enforcement services include:

  • Trademark Watch Services
  • Cease and desist work
  • Letters of Protest
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings
  • Re-examination and Expungement Proceedings
  • Take-downs of infringing apps and online content